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The Amazing World of Health and Medicine

·       Describes how medical devices work in simple terms.

·       Explains clearly how the body protects itself

·       Teaches how medical devices serve the doctor

·       Strengthens both children’s and adults’ self-awareness of their bodies and the changes that occur

·       Explanations that are enhanced by illustrations and images.

·       The book answers the questions we all want to ask

·       It connects medical science, technology and society

·       Encourages research and interest in technology

·       It brings the world of medical literacy closer to the world of children, youngsters and the whole family.


  What's in the book? 

200  magnificent color pages in large format that include explanations about:
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How the body’s systems work

Understanding scientific medical terms relating to the various systems of the human body

 How doctors help us

Understanding how medical devices tell the doctors about our body

How medical devices work

Understanding how these devices are made and how they work


About the Author  

Era Hitin worked  as a manager and lecturer at the “Sharon Medical Center” in Petach Tikva for twenty five years, and for ten years as director of the Pedagogical Center at Schneider Medical Center, the largest children's hospital in the Middle East. She is an art therapist and a parent’s group facilitator.

Era’s first book, “Ella’s Questions about Medicine and Health” was published in Hebrew in 1995 and was approved by the Ministry of Culture and Education in Israel as recommended study material.

“The Amazing World of Medicine is a fascinating guide to medicine, for children, parents, educators, therapists , in fact ….. for everyone.

The book brings the day to day life of medicine, into the world of children, adolescents and the entire family.

This is not another book about the human body and its various systems, but rather a book that introduces and connects the reader to medical science and the operation of medical devices that examine the human body in the contemporary reality of our lives. Thus, the unfamiliar medical concepts and terms become familiar and understandable from a technical, personal and social perspective.”

Mother, father, grandpa, grandma, children…everyone in the family gains medical literacy. This generates an awareness in the reader, a feeling of control over their way of life, and it encourages research. This is what makes the book unique.

 Era Hitin talks about  the book

From a review by Ahuva Oberstein on the Website Nurita:


“The book is impressive in scope, form and design – and particularly in its content! There is such extensive and comprehensive information in the book, for a child to take an interest in his own body, in medicine, and for the anxious child to read about before a medical examination, and of course for the parents who accompany the child, support him through his anxiety and his pleasure, and will learn something themselves too. The book has so much information to offer.


Era Hitin has done a great job with this publication. It is a fascinating platform for learning about the complexities of science, anatomy, body functions, the body’s environments, and the interaction with technology that touches on medicine….”

The full review in Hebrew


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The Amazing World of Health and Medicine

by Era Hitin  

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